To blog or not to blog…

27 Aug

In the universal question of: to blog or not to blog?

… I have, apparently, come down on the side of not blogging, and this will be corrected. 🙂

The summer months have been busy ones, not that summer is yet over!  But September is peering over the ridge at August.
I’m still dyeing like mad and knitting a number of different things and will write about those another day.

Today I want to tell you about a group of fellow bloggers…

Three of my friends blog over at Knitter’s Rumble, they are running a great knitting battle over there with rules on how points are scored for certain achievements etc
The point is, I owe these three ladies an apology.  A little while back they ran a contest on their blog giving away a goodie donated by each of them well the random number picked was my comment!
See… look at those goodies! not pictured is the hat pattern included in  the prize

Julianna donated the handspun, which I am going to find a pattern for soon
Amy crocheted the sheep measuring tape cover which lives at home with me as I would hate for him to wander off to greener pastures
And from Emily the pattern for her Granny Slouch hat which is a really great pattern combining both crochet and knitting using no set yarn weight!

….hmmmm….I may have just found that patten for that handspun… 🙂

I want to thank Emily, Julianna and Amy for my goodies and for the inspiration they give me.  You guys are awesome. Thank you!



One Response to “To blog or not to blog…”

  1. ematiszdesigns August 27, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    Thanks Lil! I’m so glad you enjoyed the prize! No apologies necessary, we’ve had a quiet summer over at Knitters Rumble as well.

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