In which we talk about yarn and Finished Objects

14 May

Since I started seriously dyeing yarns, different colours and combinations keep popping up in my brain and the smallest or biggest thing can strike a fancy and get the gears turning.  I saw The Avengers last week and loved the movie and it made my little geek heart happy, but it also caused me to come home and start dyeing a colourway I had planned but was going to wait to do…. yeah impulsive me is impulsive.

As, I am just a short time away from opening my shop I thought I would share a couple of finished objects (FOs).

These are the socks I was working on in my first post. I really like them, but since the dye is food colouring and is not colour fast I would not repeat the experiment but certainly some small stripes with some acid dyes in the future…Image

The second one is not mine, my fiend Valerie was nice enough to volunteer to make a pair of socks with one of my first colourways, and will be available upon request. They look amazing! she used the Roundabout pattern free on Ravelry

So thanks much for the knitting Valerie,  the socks look fabulous!


Oh Mol Mol!

12 May

This is a refrain heard often when my sister’s cute little puppy is about.

I’m pretty sure my sister saw her dog’s life flashing before her eyes when I said this the other night at her place and she rounded the corner and saw the reason why….


yes, that’s right, it’s the cake from the yarn I dyed The Munchkin the other day.  But the way I see it that cake of yarn was the trifecta of temptation to Molly.. it was new to her, it smelled of sheep and it smelled like me but in the end there was no real harm done. It’s all repairable. 

the lesson I take away from this, is that I will have to keep Molly’s love of yarn in mind in the future and keep temptation out of mouth’s reach.




My Little Niece and Knitting

6 May

I have two nieces, they are 10 years apart in age, one is 17 and a lovely young lady preparing for graduation from high school the other is 7 and all the fun that comes with that age.

The Munchkin has grown up with me knitting around her and my spinning fascinates her and this spring she modeled my Gollum socks for my Ravelry pattern page and she asked me to make her a pair of socks. I think socks for her will make a fun summer project for us together.

I had a portion of a yarn left over from dyeing skeins that I was not enough to make into a 100grs of yarn so I decided this would be perfect for a child’s pair of socks so I made the stripes so they would be narrower on her little feet and started dyeing.  I love the yarn that resulted and I can’t wait for The Munchkin to see it.

it’s a five stripe repeat going from pink to very dark purple, there is still work to be done on the colours but I will do this one again. Plus, I like the idea of dyeing yarn specific for a child’s foot, smaller skeins, narrow stripes so the greatness of the yarn shines and the child gets the full effect of the stripes and the fun that can bring while wear hand knit socks.

Getting the Dye Pot Warmed Up

24 Apr

My warping board is all set up and ready for yarn. I’m quite pleased with how it came out but I will write about that in a later post.

I have been busy experimenting the past few weeks and waiting for my blanks and dye to arrive. All the players are now here.

Last week was down time for me as I was dog sitting for my sister.  Amazingly a 45 pound dog that occasionally likes to be a lap dog is not all that conducive to knitting, but she’s very sweet and who am I to say no

in the mean time, while I have some yarn dyeing let me show you two more experiments in self-striping yarns


this one will stripe black, blue, red, pink and lime…. I can’t wait to knit with it!


and this navy, blue and white stripe was a special colour request by a friend, who is also nice enough to test knit the yarn for me into socks.

please feel free to comment.  What would be some colours you would like to see together in stripes?

In the beginning….

6 Apr

my first blog…. my first blog post… ever….

I’m hoping… like many things in life, the first step is the hardest.

so why a blog now?  I’ve decided I want to try my hand at dyeing yarn and hope that someone likes it as much as me and buys it 🙂

I’m planning to specialize in self striping yarns and have already started experimenting with some random yarn hanging about the house.

and now I will just post a few pictures of the toe up socks from the yarn I dyed last weekend.  and a link to the Ravelry project page

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!