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Anyone for a Sneak Peek?

17 May

Stripes…. my world has come down to stripes 🙂  well, my dyeing one anyway!

thinking this way and trying for a name for the shop, one turns to Google and inputs “stripes” for inspiration and lots pop up but one struck me as The One, bringing back childhood memories and of fascinating colours and an endless pool of colourway names

so there it …. ready for that sneak peek now?

All the colours are here except the one in the previous post,  I promise each will get a better picture and a name in a matter of days. I hope you like them as much as I do!  In the meantime which is your favourite?


My Little Niece and Knitting

6 May

I have two nieces, they are 10 years apart in age, one is 17 and a lovely young lady preparing for graduation from high school the other is 7 and all the fun that comes with that age.

The Munchkin has grown up with me knitting around her and my spinning fascinates her and this spring she modeled my Gollum socks for my Ravelry pattern page and she asked me to make her a pair of socks. I think socks for her will make a fun summer project for us together.

I had a portion of a yarn left over from dyeing skeins that I was not enough to make into a 100grs of yarn so I decided this would be perfect for a child’s pair of socks so I made the stripes so they would be narrower on her little feet and started dyeing.  I love the yarn that resulted and I can’t wait for The Munchkin to see it.

it’s a five stripe repeat going from pink to very dark purple, there is still work to be done on the colours but I will do this one again. Plus, I like the idea of dyeing yarn specific for a child’s foot, smaller skeins, narrow stripes so the greatness of the yarn shines and the child gets the full effect of the stripes and the fun that can bring while wear hand knit socks.